USAT Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon

Half Course 70 1/3

Swim Course - This square or diamond shaped swim with four buoys. The first is the start of the swim and the end of the swim. Each buoy is about .15 Miles apart. Half does two laps on this swim. 1.2 Miles Total. Water temps have been around 62-65 degrees the last 3 years.



Bike Course - This course exits out of Rendezvous Beach right and heads North up Bear Lake on the West side of the lake. The road to Garden City is flat and is a little chilly seeing it is an early morning start. The bike course has some rolling hills but is primarily flat. The course is looped and totals 12.4 Miles (6.2 Miles up and back). At St. Charles, ID riders will turn right and head East. Riders will go 2 miles and turn around at a well marked cone with a vested flagged volunteer and head back to St. Charles at which time will turn around again adding 4 miles on the course. The course will continue around the lake to complete a loop and finish on the return to Rendezvous Beach. 56 Miles Total.

Aid Stations are Mile 21 & 36 (They include Bike Water Bottles with Electrolyte, Water, bathrooms)


Run Course - This course is out and back. It follows along the back path of the campgrounds and exits out the back gate and returns the same path. This course has some dirt to run on but it is a nice path designed for cars to drive on. Scenes on the road are of lake inlets, campgrounds and trees. 13.1 Miles Total

Aid Stations are Start, Mile 1.6, 3.25, 4.9, 6.55, 8.25, 9.9, 11.55

Aid Stations have an assortment of Gels, Granola Bars, Candy, Oranges, Bananas, water, electrolyte and more.

Finish Line - Includes Two Hot Soups, Bread, Ice Cream, Peanut Butter, Oranges, Bananas.


Bear Lake Brawl Tri - Video


Sprint & Olympic on Sept 10, 2016

Half & Full on Sept 17, 2016

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