USAT Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon

Olympic Course

Swim Course - This triangle shaped swim has three buoys. The first is the start of the swim and the end of the swim. Each buoy is about 250 Meters apart. You will swim this course twice to achieve your 1500 Meter swim. This is held in the bluest water in Utah. It is a fairly shallow start.



Bike Course - This course exits out of Rendezvous Beach and heads East up Bear Lake. The bike course has some rolling hills but is primarily flat. The course is out and back and totals 24.9 Miles (12.45 Miles up and back).


Run Course - This course is out and back for 6.2 Miles. It follows along the back path of the campgrounds and exits out the back gate and returns the same path. This course has some dirt to run on but it is a nice path designed for cars to drive on. Scenes on the road are of lake inlets, campgrounds and trees. The Olympic run course is done twice for safety in keeping them off the highway.


Bear Lake Brawl Tri - Video


Sprint & Olympic on Sept 10, 2016

Half & Full on Sept 17, 2016

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